Picking information and hours for today and this weekend (Aug 3 through 5, 2018)

Hopelink food drive continues today (Friday) through Sunday. We're open 9 am to 6 pm.

It's a misty morning at the farm so if you pick this morning be sure to wear boots and possibly a rain coat. I find the cooler weather is always easier to handle than hot, hot weather.

Picking is great in both front and back fields. You'll find berries hanging everywhere.

Front field, best picking:
row 2, Eberhardt
row 5, Olympia
row 6, Rubels
row 9, Jersey
row 10, Rancocas

You will find berries on row 1, Pacific; row 4, Pembertons; and row 7, Concord. Row 8, Stanley is still ripening.

Back field, best picking
rows 4, 5, Jersey
mess in middle (Olympias)
far east side (Eberhardts and Dixies)

You will find berries on rows 6, 7, Pacific and 8, 9, Pembertons.

We had a momma deer and baby in the front field yesterday around 3:30 pm. Usually, I see deer in the morning and evening so they must have been hungry.

deer Aug 2 2018.JPG