Open today, Sunday, August 5, 9 am to 6 pm. Our food drive for Hopelink continues!

Picking continues with the Eberhardt, Olympia, Rubel, and Jersey varieties in the front and back fields. Best picking is in the back field with the wild Jersey bushes, although you will have to do some tunnel diving. (The picture shows an old advertisement for Eberhardt berries that I found on the website

Saturday, we were surprised to find big, gorg...eous Dixi berries in the back field ready for picking. Now, we'll have to wait another week for more to ripen. Sorry!

Also on Saturday, we hosted the Hansen family reunion. It was a lovely day for picking and it was wonderful to host all the pickers. They had a goal of picking 50 pounds of berries, which they reached. Thank you for including us in your festivities.

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