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Our early heirloom variety, Weymouth, is ready for picking. Lots of berries thanks to our earlier sunny, warm weather. We have just 3 rows of this variety. It's a mild-flavored, sweet berry, which some say has a slight lavender note.
Frederick Colville.JPG
Frederick Coville, an early botanist, helped to bring blueberries from the wild into our gardens, including the Weymouth. From a paper by Coville in 1937, he writes "The Weymouth is named for the cranberry and blueberry plantation of Weymouth, at which most of the Department's testing of new pedigreed blueberry seedlings has been conducted since 1929....The Weymouth blueberry is a cross between the two early varieties June and Cabot....[T]hey are delicious when first picked." (From "Improving the Wild Blueberry," p. 572-573,