Open Thursday through Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm (August 22 - 25)

We expect picking to continue in both fields. This past Friday, we had folks picking over 12 lbs an hour from the Eberhardts and Dixies (rows 2 & 3 in the front field). However, most people are picking 4 to 9 pounds an hour from the Eberhardts, Dixies, Jerseys, Stanleys, and Rubels.

We have lots of sunflowers for picking: .50 cents a flower and $2.50 for 6 flowers. My husband likes to plant a variety of sunflowers too, so you'll find a mix of colors, from brown to light yellow.

I thought you might enjoy comparing our current sunflower garden to the old one. We had to build new fencing after the deer and rabbits decimated our garden in 2017.

IMG_2396 sunflowers front.jpg