Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm. Late season picking. Last day is Sunday, September 2.

We had a busy weekend. It's always a treat for me to introduce new customers to our fields, having them taste the berries and discover for themselves how different the varieties can taste. We have discovered the Dixis have a touch of lavander, which has made this variety a new favorite for many people. Concord remains among the top that people liked, even though there are few remaining on the bush.
Picking slowed by Sunday to 2 to 3 pounds an hour. There were several groups determined to pick berries for the winter who picked from 13 lbs to 23 lbs. I showed people how to move branches and look into the center of the bush, often revealing clusters of berries waiting to be picked.
This coming week, we're expecting more Eberhardts, Dixis, Stanleys and Jerseys to ripen. Sunflowers too.