Open Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm; we-pick berries now available, $4.75 lb.

We still have lots of berries, but some of the "just opened" varieties in the front field have been picked by the office. You can still find ripe berries in the front field, but need to pick down by the pond or in the middle (where there is shade at times from the Cedars and makes for pleasant picking).

The back field still has several ripe varieties, including Pacifics and Olympias, as well as Weymouth. Some lucky pickers have found ripe Dixis, which are large berries. Score!

One mom shared a comment her daughter said to her in the field, "I love these berries better than the ones in the store." My husband agrees. When we bought the farm, my husband did not like blueberries! Yes, true. But, after a summer of picking blueberries and eating them fresh and in a variety of baked goods (crisps, muffins, syrup, pancakes) and jams, he told me, "I like blueberries now." I responded, "You bought a farm and you didn't like the blueberries? You must really love me." (Yes, buying the farm was my idea.)

Sunflowers are growing really well. Another week or two before they are ready. I'll let you know.