Open Sunday, 9 am to 1 pm. Lots of sunflowers. Lost-and-found items.

Sunflower garden 2020.jpg
Our u-pick sunflower garden is full of flowers. They have continued to open, even with the cooler weather, so you can make a beautiful bouquet. We sell them .50 flower/bud or 6 for $2.50 (where you get a free flower); 12 for $5.00!
Tim and I walked around both fields this afternoon to identify where the berries can be found. In the front, from the white shed south, good picking is still available in rows 2 and 3, 6, 8, and 9 (Eberhardt, Dixi, Rubel, Stanley, and Jersey). We were surprised to find good picking on some Olympia, Pemberton, and Rancocoa bushes as well. In the back, best picking is available in the Rubels along the east side; but also in the Jerseys; some Olympias and Pembertons.
When picking in the later season, we recommend:
  • Walking around the bush; berries may be on the other side.
  • Pushing branches up and down, side to side, to see if any berries are hidden in the middle.
  • Picking a number of berries with your hand (and holding them) until you have a handful, then dropping them into the box.
  • Dropping soft berries as you pick them onto the ground.
  • Using two hands, with one hand holding aside branches and picking with the other. (This means putting the box on the ground.)
If you are missing some red shoes, blue buckets, or other small items (see photo), they are safe in our shed and available for you retrieve when we are open.