Open Saturday and Sunday, Aug 10 and 11, 9 am to 6 pm (we're ignoring the rain!)

Yah, we know, it's raining outside. But, we've found over the years, the rain passes and then people can pick. So, rather than close for the whole day, we just follow our normal hours. You can come when you want. Consider wearing boots because the grass may still be wet.

We enjoyed hosting folks from Emerald Heights yesterday. They came to pick berries, and discovered that different varieties of blueberry do taste different. We provided maps to the field so they could know what they were tasting.

The sunflower garden has lots of flowers! I took this picture yesterday, but it's hard to see all the flowers. I'll have to get closer next time. It's .50 cents a flower, or $2.50 for 6 which lets you make a small bouquet.