Open Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm. We still have lots of berries! Lots of sunflowers too.

We have late summer varieties that are available for picking now. In both front and back fields, the Eberhardts and Dixis offer large, tart berries. You'll also find some picking with the Olympias and Jerseys, which are sweet berries. In the front field only, the Stanleys offer large sweet berries. Picking is still great; u-pick price is $2.50 a pound. We pick is $4.50 a pound if you don't have time to pick for yourself.
We installed the new gates on the sunflower garden. I'll take some pictures this weekend. The new fencing is almost complete and I have never seen the sunflower garden look so pretty and full of flowers.

IMG_9366.jpg  IMG_9377.jpg