Open Sat and Sun, 9 am to 6 pm.

Both fields open and most varieties available for picking.
In the back field, Pacifics and Jerseys are ripe; since these rows are next to each other, you can bounce between them picking sweet berries. Permbertons, Olympias and Dixis are also available.
In the front field, Pacifics, Eberhardts, Pembertons, Olympias, Concords, Stanleys, Jerseys, and Rancocoas are available for picking.
Our evening Date-night picking went well with a great weather for picking--the heat broke and we had a cooler evening. Our next Date-night picking is scheduled for August 14.
While we were there, a deer came walking out of the back field and started eating dinner in front of my husband. He walked over to scare the deer away (saying, "I work too hard to have the deer eat the berries"). The deer just looked at him and kept eating. I told him the deer are part of the atmosphere of the farm; plus we don't have any real deer fencing. (Can I say I love seeing the deer?) My daughter took this photo earlier this week.
Sunflowers are beginning to bloom. We expect to open for u-pick sunflowers Wednesday.

We have fresh we-pick berries available, which is helpful when you don't want to pick in the heat, or need berries quickly.