Open 9 am to 6 pm, Saturday, 7/25, and possibly Sunday 7/26 (check back here about Sunday).

The front field is open! The image shows our new "treasure map" for the farm; we can use it to help you find the berries. In the front, the varieties Pacific (row 1), Pemberton (row 4), Olympia (row 5), and Concord (row 7) are open for picking. It's still early season for these varieties, so some bushes will have more ripe berries than others. But we now have 4 varieities that you can try, and pick the one(s) you prefer. Or, of you're like me, you just mix the varieties together.
In the back field, we are still picking Weymouth, but the middle area is also open with the Olympias. The Pacifics and Pembertons in the back field are just not as ready for picking as they are in the front, but you're welcome to check them out.
Front field July 24 2020.JPG
Back field July 24 2020.JPG