Closed today, Monday and Tuesday. Hopelink Update.

The farm is closed today due to the high heat warning. The next 3 days will give the berries a chance to ripen.
Update on the Hopelink fundraiser. Thanks to your generous contributions, Hopelink will receive $631.42. These contributions came through the Hopelink website & Facebook fundraisers, as well as donations made at the farm by card or cash. You are welcome to continue to donate to Hopelink while the farm is open; for example, we received some donations this week as well. We will pass them along.
Another positive note, Hopelink volunteers will be picking at the farm on Thursday, so our neighbors in need will have fresh berries to eat in the near future. These volunteers will be following Hopelink's protocols, which Hopelink has established to make sure food is safe from the farm to the table.
Our grateful appreciation to everyone who has helped to support Hopelink this year. It makes a difference.
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