Closed Monday, Labor Day, through Friday, Sept 8. Open the weekend.

Closed Monday, Labor Day, through Friday.
We will open again Saturday, Sept 9, and Sunday Sept 10.
We will continue the $2 lb sale for u-pick berries for this coming weekend. This may be our last weekend.

Picking has slowed, people were getting about 3 lbs an hour Sunday. We are getting towards the end of our season. With the hot weather forecast for this week, we are not sure if we will be open after this weekend. We'll keep you informed of our plans here on Facebook, our website, and our voice message (425-947-4523).

The photo shows my hat. I've discovered that it not only protects me from the sun, but holds blueberries for snacking. (Yes, yes, I did eat this blueberry and two more that I found later in the day. Why waste a good thing?)