Our Farm

About the Farm

We are a family-run blueberry farm in Duvall, WA. Our blueberries are heirloom highbush blueberries grown on two peat bogs, their natural habitat. The bushes were planted sometime in the 1940s by John Close. Over 80 years old, these plants still produce berries full of favor and rich with vitamins and antioxidants.

About Our Berries

We currently have 11 varieties of blueberries. Missing from the table below is the Roncocoas, which is in the front field.

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About Our Sunflowers

We grow a variety of sunflowers, and around the beginning of August they are available for you to pick. Sunflowers cost $.50 per flower.

Map of Our Fields

When you come, grab a map of our fields so you can know the varieties you are picking. It is amazing how very different the berries taste from one variety to another.