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***Sept 1, 2018, Closed for the season. 

Thank you for supporting our small family farm. Tim and Pam Johnson***

Cottage Gardens Heirloom Blueberries grows 11 varieties of blueberries. Each variety has a different size and flavor, from small and sweet to big and tart. You may also taste a hint of cinnamon, apple or wildness. In mid-summer, you can walk through the front field and try 10 different flavors. We typically have berries available from July through August.

We also offer u-pick sunflowers. Our garden grows a variety of sunflowers, from rust to sunny yellow and multiple colors.

  • U-pick berries $2.50 per pound
  • We-pick berries $4.50 per pound
  • Cash or check only
  • We provide picking buckets and boxes to take the berries home

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